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We have many years of experience in ADSORBENTS AND OXYGEN CONCENTRATORS, and our professional knowledge can help you to select the right product and avoid potential risks in application. Our factories are top manufacturer of molecular sieve, activated alumina, carbon molecular sieve, silica gel etc. And we also cooperate with many top manufacturers of oxygen concentrator parts factory that supply you with products of good quliaty. With our professional knowledge and experice, we with provide you with matching and products and efficient services. If you have the intention to purchase in China, but do not have any purchasing experience. 


As a trading company, BENONI has cooperating factories all over China, so we have a wide variety of products. If a single factory cannot meet your diversified needs, YOU can be satisfied here. We can integrate the advantages of all Chinese factories to realize your diversity demand.


With experience and high-quality resources, our company has a good cooperative relationship with manufacturers that providing OEM services for international first-line brands. While providing you with high-quality resources, we can provide supporting technical support.

High-quality supply, professional technical support, efficient importing&exporting services, flexible international sourcing service ensure YOU to receive timely and cost-effective supply of goods, good after-sales service. And finally YOU will occupy more target market shares and achieve win-win and sustainable development.

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