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OXYGEN Concentrator using pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology are used widely for oxygen production. These oxygen concentrators utilize oxygen molecular sieve (zeolite) to adsorb atmospheric nitrogen onto the minerals and separate high purity oxygen out of the air.

At high pressure, the porous zeolite adsorbs large quantities of nitrogen due to its large surface area and chemical characteristics. After the oxygen are collected the pressure drops which allows nitrogen to desorb, that is called zeolite regeneration.

An oxygen concentrator typically has an air compressor, two cylinders filled with zeolite beads, and some valves and tubes. In the first half-cycle the first cylinder receives air from the compressor. During that time the pressure in the first cylinder rises from atmospheric and the zeolite becomes saturated with nitrogen till first cylinder reaches near pure oxygen (90-95%). At the end of the first half of the cycle, there is a valve position change so that the air from the compressor is directed to the second cylinder. The pressure in the first cylinder drops as the enriched oxygen moves into the reservoir, allowing the nitrogen to be desorbed back into air.



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