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ACTIVATED ALUMINA is a porous, highly dispersed solid material with a large surface area due to the many "tunnel like" pores. It is in an unstable transition state with great activity. Its microporous surface has the characteristics required for catalysis, such as adsorption Performance, surface activity, excellent thermal stability, etc. Activated alumina is widely used as catalyst and catalyst carriers for chemical reactions. Activated alumina also has adsorption characteristics, so it is used as a desiccant for gas and liquid, an adsorbent for gas purification, a defluorinating agent for drinking water, and a color and odor elimination agent for industrial sewage.


  • Adsorption: because activated alumina has a strong affinity for water, it has been widely used in gas drying. The liquids that activated alumina can dry mainly include: aromatic hydrocarbons, polymer olefins, gasoline, kerosene, cyclohexane, propylene, butene, and many halogenated hydrocarbons. In terms of water purification, activated alumina is mainly used to remove fluoride in drinking water, and it is also effective in eliminating the color and odor of industrial sewage.

  • Catalyst and Carrier: Since activated alumina has high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and high mechanical strength, it can withstand harsh operating conditions. Due to the inertness of alumina, the high-temperature alumina carrier will not become a potential source of activity that causes side reactions and toxic for the catalyst system. In another case, activated alumina can react with the active components of the catalyst, disperse the active components of the catalyst into the carrier, and provide the active components with effective specific surface area and suitable pore structure to improve the thermal stability of the catalyst and anti-toxic properties. In addition to serving as the skeleton of the active component, Sometimes activated alumina also provides a gain effect for the catalytic effect of the catalyst.



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